Monday, August 2, 2010

Simple Cupcake Thanks

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted to my blog! My Mama had to catch-up on pictures of all my creations. I've still been coloring and crafting!

Over the weekend Mama and I stamped away in our craft room. We had so much fun!

When we visited my Nana in Michigan, I got some great presents from her friends! These are the thank you notes I will send to them. I really like stamping and then coloring all the white space! And I really like using Mama's markers! This cupcake stamp (Simple Birthday Thanks) is my favorite!

Everybody got something at Archiver's! I got this cute little girl stamp when we went to Archiver's with Nana--only I call it Aardvarks instead! Mama says this stamp reminds her of me. I added some streaks of color to her hair...isn't it cool?!

Thanks for visiting me!


Nancy said...

Arden what a great job you did coloring the cupcakes and the cherry on top is so good it looks like you could eat it! I especially like the little girl stamp inside, what a good job you did coloring her, even her little tiny socks or are they silly bands on her ankles? I see she even managed to get a little highlighting in her hair...very trendy. This little stamp will be a nice reminder of our trip to Aardvarks, oops I mean Archivers,
Love ya,

Diane - Rubber 'n Rafters said...

Arden your cards are WONDERFUL! It makes me want to have a cupcake... right now! I love the little girl stamp on the inside too. She has big eyes just like you. You did a GREAT job on the coloring, just perfect!

shar910 said...

Arden - The Thank you note you sent was sooo cute! Gonna save the front for he troops! Thank you so much and come on back and swim in our pool anytime! Miss Sharon