Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Paintings

This Painting is of my American Girl dolls pet Praline.I worked on it for three years!!I used acrylics to paint this picture.Now that my moms craft room is nice and clean I finished it in there!!
My inspiration for this painting came from Mont Saint Victoire by Paul Cezanne.I used acrylics again!!!! I made this in second grade in art club,on March 12, 2012.A lot of people put it upside down.But  I guess that's because if you turn upside down it looks like a high heel, and I like high heels!

This is a pig I made in Art Club. His name is Oinky!The inspiration for this painting came from my food/take apart erasers kids {like me}like to collect! This one is a pig that I named Oinky! I used arylics.

This the first ever painting with acrylics that I painted! Its of a fat little kitty cat laying in his bed with a toy mouse!The inspiration came from a book called All Animals to Draw!

Thank you for looking at my blog post!!!



Nance Leedy said...

Arden, your paintings are fabulous and they are the perfect accent in "our" newly clean craft room! I hope you'll have more painting fun soon!

Nancy said...

Wow you've really been busy with all the painting. Isn't it nice to be able to be in the craft room to finish all your works of art. I'm so impressed with all of your original art pieces, great job!

Diane - said...

WOW... Love all your paintings! You are a very talented little gal. I also love your explaination of each one, and enjoyed looking at the upside down high heel... how funny! My little grand-daughter Becca is the artist in her family, and I love to see all the items she creates. I hope to see more of yours too.
Hugs Diane
PS: I am sorry I missed this when you posted it, but since the Holiday I don't peek everyday like usual and I've also been sick.